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    Date:  10/7/2002 - 2:36 AM
    Name:  Judy Howden Speight
    Site: http://
    Location:  White House, Tennessee, USA!
    Comments:  Thoroughly enjoyable journey through memories. Thanks a bunch.

    Date:  10/6/2002 - 11:22 PM
    Name:  Buddy Sadler
    Site: http://
    Location:  Gallatin, Tn,
    Comments:  When I was growing up in Woodbine (Flatrock?), we had a "market man" who drove a pickup through the neighborhood selling vegetables. The "popsicle man" had a horse that pulled his wagon. Later, he had one of thoselittle 3-wheeled carts and would give us some of the "hot" ice they used to keep the ice cream cold. Remember our gym at Central High School where the bb tournaments were held? Teen town at Turner on Nolensville Road? Before Shoneys, there was the D.Q. Back in the 50's, Antioch was not very big, just the high school and the post office, and seemed to be way out in the country when our team played there. What a great site this is. Thanks,

    Date:  10/6/2002 - 2:22 PM
    Name:  Linda Bell Miller